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Group Benefits


Ocean Employee Benefits offers professional assistance and
advice to employers for all natures of group insurance:

● Group Medical
● Dental
● Short Term Disability
● Long Term Disability
● long Term Care
● Special Risk
● Corporate Travel
● Voluntary Programs
● Specially Designed Professional and Trade Association Group and Affinity Schemes.


  Ocean Employee Benefits offers our clients years of experience in a wide range of special risk situations, whatever and wherever they are. Just a few examples of our special risk benefits services are: corporate travel, kidnap and ransom, high risk, emergency services accident and sickness, professional sports disability, as well as global sports events. Ocean Employee Benefits is a specialist working with Associations and Affinity groups and can craft a program of risk benefits tailored to membership needs.
   Our Special Risk area’s common denominator is that we are ready and able to assist clients with risk challenges that other markets either are not interested in or are not capable of responding to. We counsel and assist employers, associations, professional, schools, as well as and other affinity groups to develop and implement a wide array of innovative special situation and routine travel accident covers.

Among the types of perils and coverages we work with:

● Corporate Travel Accident
● Blanket Personal Accident/Sickness
● Sports Team
● International Sport Blanket Programs
● Student Accident and Health
● Association, Card Base Affinity Enhancements
● Other Challenges Entertained


   Experienced in all forms of non group or individual medical, life, disability dental as well as other lines of coverage, Ocean Employee Benefits takes genuine interest and makes the time to listen to each client and prospective client. We find out the the needs of the individual and their family in order to create a needs-specific and cost efficient insurance plan. Individual/Non-group Product Lines include:

Individual and Non-group Product Lines include:

● Medical Bridge Whole
● Term Life and Variations Key Man/Buy-Sell executive products
● Short, Mid and Long Term Disability
● Critical Illness, Cancer Care Coverage
● Long Term Care
● Accident
● Travel and Baggage


   Ocean Employee Benefits International is uniquely equipped to deliver on a high caliber and demanding value proposition for our clients and brokers.
   Competently providing Offshore benefits and Special Risk insurance and Pension services requires a high degree of knowledge of local market practice, a broad geographic and high level network of international industry contacts and, the proven and practical know-how needed to get things done, correctly and on time, appropriate currency and in compliance with local, Multinational and US regulations. Programs include: international local and pooled medical, life, disability, pension, as well as various wellness and special risk situations.
   American and Overseas-based Brokers partnering with Ocean Employee Benefits for their client’s international employee exposures can rest assured that they and their clients will enjoy the benefits of reduced workload while outsourcing Ocean Employee Benefits International staff, 24/7 managing:

● International analysis
● Administration
● Marketing
● Monitoring, as well as
● On-going reporting back to the holding broker partner.


   Drawing from exceptional experience and know-how gained from designing individual life, medical and disability products that respond to individuals located in the US and also overseas, Ocean Employee Benefits International has the special capability to work with you to cobble an innovative plan that responds to your unique needs.

Individual Product Lines:

● Short-Term Medical Long-Term Medical
● Top Hat Life and Disability
● Disability and Supplemental Income
● Critical Illness
● Accidents
● Trip Travel
● Assistance and Repatriation
● Student Insurance


   Complementing Ocean Employee Benefits International’s multinational benefits experience, is our network of professional, in-country talent, strategically sited around the world, together delivering responsive, innovative and compliant resolution to offshore benefit and compensation challenges.

International Group Employee and Other Risk Classifications:

● Expatriate
● Third Country National
● Local National
● Student Medical
● Institutional and Professional
● Bank Card and Affinity Group Products
● Sports Blanket Accident and Sickness
● Global Event Blanket Coverages

International Brokerage-Product Lines:

● Medical-Short and Long Term
● Dental
● Vision
● Life Disability
● Accidental Injury
● Employee Assistance
● Corporate Travel
● Student and Professional
● Assistance and Repatriation
● Kidnap and Ransom
● War and Terrorism
● Wellness
● Multinational Benefits Pooling
● Pensions
● Compensation Schemes

Among International Carriers and Networks Represented:

● MetLife
● Swiss Life
● Insurope
● Aetna
● Seven Corners
● Bupa
● Generali
● Lloyd’s Syndicate
● Cigna
● Generali
● Many Others


Trust the experience that comes with a lifetime of dedication to a profession, ands trust in the commitment I make to each and every one of my clients.


Ocean Employee Benefits is constantly trying to break new ground in the industry by providing the newest, and most innovative plans for you and your people.


In nowhere as much as business does your word represent you. At OEB, we want our clients to rest assured that our word is the driving force of our reputation.

Give yourself, and your employees the piece of mind you both deserve.


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