Freebird Semiconductor, Inc.
Haverhill, MA

Dave Ten Eyck and Ocean Employee Benefits have been extremely helpful in defining and organizing the benefits for Freebird Semiconductor Corporation. The help and support that we received and continue to receive is second to none. All of the difficulties involved in interacting with large insurance providers are absorbed by Ocean Employee Benefits making this a logical single point of contact for all our insurance needs. Dave not only helps set up plans but if issues arise during coverage he is incredibly responsive. I would highly recommend Dave Ten Eyck and Ocean Employee benefits to any company looking for great service.

~ Simon Wainwright
PhD, MBA, President & CEO ~

Dalton Manufacturing
Amesbury, MA

  To whom it may concern; My name is Griff Dalton and I run a 16-man machine shop in Amesbury. Up until Oct 1, 2012 I was using a national PEO, covering payroll, health insurance and, worker’s compensation. I found that the major irritant with them was that I could not get a breakdown of the cost of payroll and insurances. My Property and Casualty broker recommended I call Dave (of Ocean Employee Benefits) for health insurance and all the supplemental plans, as were provided by the PEO. When we put the final numbers together I was shocked. The savings were in the thousands of dollars. I immediately switched out of the PEO and signed up with Dave as my benefits broker. Together with a payroll company I am now using in Acton Ma, I am enjoying significant savings. Dave is a highly professional gentleman and is very knowledgeable in his field. He will meet with you in your office for policy renewals and any problems that you might encounter. Compared to my prior PEO, it is like having a Benefits expert on retainer. If your situation is anything like mine was, you can't go wrong with this professional.

~ Griff Dalton President, CEO. ~

Port City Sandwich
Newburyport, MA

  We have been working with Ocean Employee Benefits for several years now and, they have consistently served us with our health insurance with claims, billing and other issues ... with rapid and professional and friendly support. We recommend David to fellow small business owners who want a proactive, friendly yet professional broker-advocate.

~ Tyke Karopoulus President ~

Swazey and Alexander Landscaping
Rowley, MA

  We have been with Ocean Employee Benefits for several years now. They currently administer our health insurance benefits. Dave and his staff are terrific, especially when it comes to sharing our renewal options every year. We get a concise report of how coverage and pricing compares from company to company - and we get it in plenty of time to analyze our options and make the best choice. Someone is always available and responsive whenever we need help or information throughout the year. Over the years, Dave has also provided us with suggestions and information on other policies such as supplemental health, life & disability insurances. As a growing company, we appreciate knowing that we have someone actually looking out for us and anticipating our needs. We highly recommend Dave and his staff. In this hurry up and highly commercialized business world, it is refreshing to have this kind of genuine and personal service

~ Chris lmlach, President. ~

Maffei Plumbing Services
Rowley, MA

  Maffei Plumbing Services has worked with Ocean Employee Benefits for five years now and throughout, I can say without hesitation that they have always been there for our expanding business for our health insurance and other coverage as well. David is a professional, who advocates for us for our benefits and Obamacare issues on a timely, professional and very knowledgeable basis. ... And, Dave is easy to deal with too.

~ Greg Maffei, President/Owner
Maffei Services. ~

Talon Engineering
Newburyport, MA

  David Ten Eyck has been our benefits broker for some time now, and we have grown to rely on him and Ocean Employee Benefits for great advice, renewal research, day to day Service ... a real friend of our company and employees. He is persistent on making sure, we are given the best value ... and believe me, he insists on everything being perfect

~ Rick Wessant, President. ~

Giuseppes Italian Restaurant
Newburyport, MA

  My name is Giuseppe Masi a and I am the owner of Giuseppe's Fresh Pasta Fine Food, an Italian Restaurant located in 257 Low Street, Newburyport, Massachusetts. I have known David Ten Eyck for many years, and he is my Health Insurance Representative for three years now. As a small business, it is very difficult to find the appropriate Health Insurance coverage that gives the most benefits and still be reasonably affordable. David has been always working very closely with us, to make sure that we get the most valued coverage. He is always able to give us some interesting options that allows us to choose from. His efforts researching on the market for the best availability is always appreciated!

~ Giuseppe C. Masia, President. ~

Noack Organ- Georgetown, MA

  Dear David, as we have received our rebate from the Wellness Track, I would like to re iterate our thanks for having guided us through that process. Through this past year or so, I have greatly appreciated your willingness to explore new programs and uncharted territory. This has been a great help as it allowed the firm to offer a platinum plan to its employees at a lower cost than before. For a small business like us, this means more than the cost saving, it also means that the firm can properly look after its most valuable assets: its employees. This would not have happened without your guidance and your helpful advocacy (when things seem to get lost or confused in the administrative Mass Connector system!). Knowing that somebody is keeping a vigilant eye on this has been and is a great relief.

~ Noack Organ, President. ~

Parker River Community Preschool
Rowley, MA

  Prior to working with Ocean Employee Benefits, we as small business owners were overwhelmed by the idea of providing health insurance for our employees. We were primarily concerned about the cost and the quality of benefits under the plan. We then contacted Dave Ten Eyck at Ocean Employee Benefits. Dave provided the knowledge and experience that we needed to navigate the available options and packages. Dave took time to meet with us, plan for ourselves and our employees, and provided timely feedback to our many questions. After many months on the new plan, our employees are satisfied with the service and benefits received, and we feel at ease that if any issues should arise, Dave and his team at Ocean Employee Benefits will be there to support us.

~ Jen Rita, Director ~

International Client
Chicago-HK. UK, Korea

   The group seemed happy that everything was set up much more smoothly than the UK office, (versus the initial set up by our UK consultant). Thank you very much for your help on everything.

~ Chicago-based Financial/Investment Broker ~

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